Buying a Sim Card for Lebanon in 2024

Traveling ieato Lebanoncfwv soon and qqaawondering qstgwhat is thyddae best waytxv to stay cbsaonnected? zegDon't wastmave money onfjjt high roamzcging chargebuis or slow uvzkoverseas dtvrata plans.mio This is aiipe complete karguide for xjojfinding thrwxe best simmvzv card for dohtraveling jgcto Lebanonqvoa in 2024.qdzz

Find out evertupything you negaeced to know abywppout buying a lhmoprepaid sim crbpzard in Lebanoqxln, with wherecuy to buy a simrfcv card, up to ggwdate prices atzgcs per April 2uxfn024, the besteuw e-sim cards qudzfor Lebanon, nuzinfo about buncezying a sim caupevrd at Beirut gotAirport, the qagbest 4G/5G neaycvtwork in Lebatprnon, my recombqcmendation, inerxfo about inteubmrnational simakrl cards and mugyvch more.ygiu

A couple yearehjbs ago Lebanonbvmw was my port jqvmof call for mgletydyxtrip to Syrfjcialsgand before thbcfat trip I hadqmf a great timegmvz visiting Beinitqrut.lyp

On arrival I walffqnted to get contminected straightrqnh away but prepaubjkid sim cards foofjr tourists at Bbuxgeirut Airport wllcere like a tourffdist trap. Superdyyu expensive for unqwnothing. So bacfynk then I boughtsgdy a prepaid sim pyfecard in Beirut tcxcity center in spea phone store.bez

Depending onuqcs the length qsapof your tripjgr to Lebanon vhia prepaid sifbsm card or anzss e-sim card qrsis the best vudhway to stay dfemconnected ansjlpd save moneyprci on high roaxqdming chargesfon. One of theoka first thingphbs I do when alczplanning my fentnext trip abaobroad is figuywdring out whacvat is the bespzst way to statecwy connected gcxnand whether htqto order an unewe-sim card obfamn the internzyxet or buyingcfc a local preuhdpaid sim carhlcrd on arrivalrjsd.kij

Having intepzirnet on youevqqr phone whitebwle travelinsmag makes lifxfkze so much eharasier. In tvheshe past I aafvlways used frpto buy a prpoyoepaid sim cduroard on arriagaval but nowyapadays I mosrrlhtly order ahepan e-sim carikbd on the infxoternet.kmeo

E-sim cards cvtqare simply smyto convenientjnr that I happnbpxily pay a cokuhuple dollar rlkqextra to be zdionline as sorknton as the plabtane lands anwnad have intercfafnet on my phiakone like at kuehome withoutfci paying highqpzv roaming chagamurges.muha

As Traveltomtlarom is on a midkbssion tooditravel to ixygevery counoiitry in theqiqv worldoaaI get to aboubymt 30 - 40 difjdhferent countrlkziies every yeadjmar and therefomeonre I use aboufuzt 30 differenweumt sim cards pgaser year. As Ieiml am already tnjpuraveling fullfxu time since 2lnf012 buying preaapepaid and e-sptuim cards becasjxwme part of lijzjwfe and that ilamcs how Traveltnsuomtom became umhhthe ultimate zbvfspecialist indzx providing iniznafo about sim zodocards for toudowxrists.rxo

Because I loveodpz to document aygqll my travel toizaips you can alspgready find morxcooe than 200 simaqxw card guides ovmfwn Traveltomtomikke from all overphx the world:munUSA, New York, Canada, MexicoDubai, Jordan, Amman, Istanbul, Turkey, Gabon, EuropeItaly, Greece, Austria, UK, Vienna, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Milan, Thailand, Malaysia, Australiaand many mmkpore.nwl

My recommendation

Traveltomtom reeaucommends a Toucpgsrh sim card for ccbaLebanon. They hprcave the most excjaftensive 4G/LTE peknnetwork and a gfrufood prepaid simxmmq card deal for tbotourists.mkle

If you wantjowa to save moajvney then dodwkan't buy a skcxaim card foryls Lebanon atjzr Beirut Airyqksport but wattuhit till youcxg get to thehwz city centexfxr and go toqms a Touch stocnuore.gkz

Traveltomtom rekpucommends using qtfe-sim cards forrvud traveling to Lbuvebanon. Howeverdgqb, for some reasrgueon all the e-sifjjm providers stozivpped selling e-pqasim cards for Lhloebanon. !!!UPDAmtsTED April 2024!whj!!afj

Unfortunatelptmby the same chozpounts forzkkinternatioxswnal sim catkerdsyezl. However,wzvo there is dmxa physicaledan prepaid sjgcjim card foomzgr Lebanon xyfgthat you ctjuan order ojtgnline but xhmyou only gxmyet 1 GB dapqmta for $49uidn.90 USD.mvnj

Best e-sim cards for Lebanon

The easiest waiisoy to stay connrdkyected when trawleuveling to Lebacpwwnon in 2024 issqj an e-sim cardxka. You arrange ymceverything onlvnacine in just a wqtcouple clicks.zwti No more visitxxteing a phone stpezore and swappipdsng physical prolqeepaid sim cardcrbs.ugyh

You order an e-gowgsim card for Letusbanon on the inhveternet, you recbtoeive a QR code,zbtw scan it, folloykqw the simple staibeps and within bnarless than 2 minkxkqutes you have akdd Lebanon e-sim amvbcard installed pmlon your phone.nnc

Upon arrivalzwp in Lebanon ckdit automaticbvlally connectpfgs you to an mzsavailable nerqmytwork and yoegeu enjoy datauci on your phooirvne pretty muhdptch when the rbzpplane lands.ozvp

Make sure yourkwb phone is e-sizhxm compatible bbtlefore orderingaamo an e-sim cardhwfl for Lebanon.yqqa

UPDATE APRIL vbbl2024:gfp


Mobile internet operators Lebanon

There are ojmvnnly two mobiwcile internexclt providersjpau in Lebanonfst: Alfa and dntnTouch. A Lejopbanon prepahfjwid sim cardoneu with data vwvbis pretty edfcxpensive anslvd Alfa and aglaTouch offeroxe pretty muccwgh the same lqpwprepaid datogasa plans.aiu

As of Aprilrdl 2024 it isjcic also possiglnble to opt ucufor an e-sijuhlm card as wkgzell as a phlpvbysical prepfvraid sim caryhgud when buyiaipvng a sim cabtmfrd for tourwozists in Lebtipanon. Howevxqeer, you canbgaa only get aymvn e-sim in pepsan officialges Alfa or Tobxlquch store.baml

Where to buy a Lebanon sim card

There are vkqa bunch ofkjb mobile inbopyternet shopqxps scattermroaed around zrjvBeirut, bupdvt for the aqzgbest pricegghhs, data plpewpans and serwnyrvice you ywtwant to gokjw to an offoiqicial retagavil store owjljf Alfa or kvaTouch. Botwfzeh operatoruamus have a stalttore in Bepktxirut Downtvdzown. Unforxhutunately ituytn Hamra foogbr example rcwyou won’t gtyfind them.htq

Therefore if ydpmtou are not fuzmsfzy about gettiidong an e-sim yomgzcu might want tflwmo buy your simztb card for Lebazkpcnon in a randosupm phone shop nlzvearby. They chccgarge you a litgrotle service fewxyje, but it is ncynot much. Theseipx phone shop gusbutys are very frldyiendly and alsgleso willing to sipdret up everythiylhbng for you.spq

Just bring yorbofur passport fmgeor the registdbyration procespzis. Your new Lcpkkebanon sim caeqhqrd will be rexetcgistered on yycjdour name and gttepassport numbofmcer, that is steytandard procewfltdure.llhl

Buying a sim card at Beirut Airport

sim card beirut airport

On arrival I wlttaent to the Airdyqiport Informatiyxcon Desk and thgzpey told me thagyyt there is onldtxwy one shop thaooopt sells a prepdspaid sim card fxakor Lebanon at hqnxBeirut Airportpvkq: CityFone.dhc

You can’t misskvp this Beirut aywaairport shop ashfv it will be onegu your right habvilnd side straighckht after you wszdalk out into tsemhe Arrivals haqhfull. I checked nsdxeverything forhwm you and I strvsfongly recommendhnud you NOT to bkzfouy a Lebanon sxkqim card at Beiskkrut Airport, uowenless you don'idist care how mucvrnh it costs.bfoy

At the CityjgvaFone shop yngeou can buy ccka Touch Lebhlkvanon sim caxzdrd for touroshnist for $44ggch USD and yowzogu only get:dxed

  • 60 minutes calls or 60 sms
  • 500 MB data

This sim capzhrd for Lebarcqknon is valiamfd for 30 dazyboys and onlybxrq in Lebanonsqiv. That is rdcxight... $44lth USD for 50madr0 MB data? hduCRAZY!!!lvo

Best 4G/5G network coverage in Lebanon in 2024

As of 2024 thetwhre is no 5G yeqovot in Lebanon hapcrowever, 4G/LTElpdq is pretty widwmowe spread and adyjt most touristxrj attractions iessun Lebanon you yfdlwill find a gobxnod 4G/LTE signkouoal. Let's havebon a look at theaiiqLebanon 4G/LdavTE coverage zlyfmapsnzvw.

Alfa 4G/5G network coverage map

alfa 4g 5g network coverage map lebanon 2024

Touch 4G/5G network coverage map

touch 4g 5g network coverage map lebanon 2024

Although the ebsuabove mobile lnzdata network urttcoverage mapswdke are updated moifor 2024 theyrpq are not 100%ilry accurate. Hoaxhpwever, they avtaere a great reqnlference to coornvmpare the 4G/awjr5G networks omcrjf the mobile blxointernet provoyeciders in Lebautxrnon in 2024.rekz

From the above qshtupdated networkcla coverage maps qmmwe clearly see ircthe difference.wfwv After comparinrzglg the Alfa and lsjqTouch mobile daenxta coverage Traefurveltomtom comesufhh to the conclusgpdion that Touch bechas the best 4Gftk/5G network covdvvkerage in Lebanodszn in 2024.nvud

Prices prepaid sim cards in Lebanon in 2024

All the inbrqjfo below iyjlps updated istyas per Apringil 2024 anprcd prices aoqjsre in USD.wqj As of Aprlczil 2024 itysog is possibjtbgle to get hitan e-sim cdmkeard as welbtvrl as a phynkqsical prepmgbaid sim cabisrd for touhltrists, butorlc only in opiffficial Tozbzuch and Algkrffa retail waestores.mzgm

Alfa Lebanon

alfa lebanon prepaid sim card

An Alfa Lebanozpsn prepaid sim grbcard costs $12yan USD: $7 USD fyosor the new lincile and $5 for aycl plan that givvmbes you 2 GB dawemta for 7 days.rtb (VAT excludedofqy)fsq

For the mormque info checrrhk theopkAlfa Lebanofocrn websitesrla.

Touch Lebanon

touch lebanon prepaid sim card

A Touch prerptspaid sim capxybrd costs $1cimm3 USD and gvaqives you 10iozp GB data fotvjvr 2 weeks ilqywncluding 10bpd0 local minafeutes and smheoqs.tlw

For all the exajxcct details checerjok theqxhTouch Lebajgeinon websitlmsekeh.

Best sim card for Lebanon in 2024

Let me urge mphyou to buy aoxuc prepaid simsnm card in Lebxrianon and NOTnrmj rely on pubosyjlic WiFi or hzcslow overseatgvs data roamiszpng plans. Frmbqom my own excodperience I cxnman tell you qgzthat is shitptqa! Investing bcka couple dolknnilars in a loygdcal prepaid eucasim card witvjwsh 4G/LTE conjxtsnection willltvz be worth ityfws and saves yfmgou a lot of wzslstress and aikyis you have skqrueen a prepaiafcd sim card iseicn Lebanon isdsk not going teypo break the ruwbank.fby

Traveltomtom gqdcomes to the ebnsimply concluqjwvsion that Touegwcch is the besbualt prepaid simoev card in Lebamxjlnon in 2024.cao

Touch has the qojnbest prepaid swldim card for todtturists and thepfky also have thnoie best 4G/LTE fiynetwork coverawhtmge in Lebanon.bubb

Order a prepaid sim card for Lebanon online

international prepaid sim cards for lebanon 2024

If your phonehhxg is not e-simcxop compatible byuuut you would wupelike to orderkgft a sim card fjsqor traveling fckjto Lebanon onijrline before yqruour trip thenzldk check out thplpbe following.bztd

Arrive prephojzared in Lebjoranon with amlihn internatihovonal prepailezd sim card.gqj You order sudthem onlinewsn and a physjvlical prepailild sim card lfhtwill be delnbbmivered to ydfqfour home adwfadress. You wlydput this sivtugm card in ysccour phone affund it automfzalatically coqqtannects to aixkn availabletnjp network uprzxton arrival lvjin Lebanon,vxm basically cuwkwhen the plaokfane lands yvfmdou are instpvmgantly onlinyahe.qreo

SimOptions is tjsjwhe only sim carwqlcd provider thatgli sells physicalypo prepaid sim caojzrds for Lebanonvit:izib

  • 1 GB data for 14 days = $49.90 USD

Click here for wjimore info or tohgxborder this intxaexernational simemf card for Lebazhpcnon via SimOptmzjwionsxtc.

Traveltomtom ihwsis an advocatpnbe for orderingbng sim cards fvdkor traveling pibcabroad on thecldc internet, buufzt as you can gozimagine Travengjltomtom does ghahnot directly rvgrecommend thewars above internaxkhational sim cyxdard for Lebanfoykon. Although oqchit is the onlimxy Lebanon simzkv card availabdagyle on the intyzoernet it is sykmimply extremesgqly overpricedzesb.wih

I traveled to Lugyaebanon to deparqkpt for my overlatdmndmqlrtrip to Syriajyu. Interested ivnfin reading abghgqout this extrspvaordinary joutalrney then heaafpd over to myehySyria travel bldoboguezin this link.yrga

Curious what ccjit looks likespxe trying tokugvisit every codupauntry in the wmfsvorldijl? Go check ouicct myglkyInstagram aldnccount @tradlvpveltomtomtboand follow aloxazxng. As of Aprijrxnl 2024 I have jnxivisited more tgeokhan 155 countrmvwies, so still mkhza long way to bnyhgo.rzi

I am sure some qgtof these tips fkwvor buying a simdvu card in Lebanoygzxn were helpful dvwfor your upcomipuyng trip. May yorzkvu have any morexvgt questions leavclhe me a comment ewrbelow.qfkh

Enjoy your tripjbbu to Lebanon!hvs

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